JSA FAQJobseeker’s Allowance, known as JSA, is available for people of working age who are actively seeking employment. There are many JSA FAQ, so here are some of the most often asked – further answers can be found by calling the JSA contact number.

Q. How do people apply for JSA?

A. Most people will apply for JSA online. Those who can not apply online, may be able to claim by phone. Within a few days, the claimant gets a message about the place and time of the JSA interview. This will be at a designated local Jobcentre and it is important not to miss this appointment. During the interview the Jobcentre staff will advise on looking for work.

Q. Can those who work for a few hours each week and have a small income apply for JSA?

A. It is possible to get JSA and have some income from employment or self-employment so long as this is not working for more than 16 hours a week. All income received and hours worked will need to be declared to the Jobcentre each time the claimant goes in to sign on.

Q. Is JSA a means-tested benefit?

A. There are two types of JSA.. Contribution-based JSA is awarded to those who have paid sufficient national insurance during the preceding tax year. This JSA can last for up to a year. Income-related JSA is means tested and is therefore dependent on the financial circumstances of the claimant. It is important to take all evidence of savings and any partner’s income to the Jobcentre so that the right amount of JSA can be calculated.

Q. What does actively seeking work mean?

A. The Jobcentre advisor will explain what is to be done each week or day in order to fulfil the requirement of actively seeking work. All actions should be recorded so that there is evidence of seeking work.

Q. Do claimants have to go to the Jobcentre every week?

A. The usual attendance is every two weeks. There may be extra appointments for meeting a personal advisor. Any failure to attend could mean a suspension of JSA so it is vital to inform the Jobcentre of any illness or interviews that prevent attendance. 

These JSA FAQ cover the basics of applying for the benefit. Claims are processed within about two weeks, but some claims can take longer as they may have to go to a DWP decision maker.